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There is Always Time for Play, but Not Always Money

by: Kimberly DeLenardo-Comish
City: Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Project Type

Sports & Recreation

Number of beneficiaries


Project Description

Central Public School has a yard with equipment that is utilized by the community at large. The play structures (for the summer) and the outdoor ice surface (in the winter) are paid for by the Central Home and School Association (CHASA). During the school day, these are used by the children at the school, but outside of school hours, the entire community uses the equipment and the ground for outdoor active play, allowing children within the community remain active and enjoy their childhood.

How would $50,000 benefit the project

The play structures are inspected, minimum annually, and if they are deemed unsafe, they are removed. The cost to replace the existing structures would be $30 000 - $60 000. The outdoor rink is maintained by parent volunteers, but we need $2000 - $5000 annually to maintain the equipment to create the rink, and keep the surface in good skating condition. These funds would allow us to ensure that the children of our community will always have access to the outdoor play areas they have relied upon for decades. If any issue arises in the near future, CHASA currently does not have the funds available to be able to replace any large piece of equipment, and the children of our community would lose out.

About the Community

As President of CHASA, and a life-long resident of Kirkland Lake, I could not be more proud of my community. We are fairly small, but close-knit. Members of our community actively volunteer to make the community better for all residents. Although one person cannot do everything, we collectively work together to create positive change for our residents. One change I would love to be able to make is to create a certainty that CHASA will be able to ensure that the outdoor play structures at Central Public School will always be available for our community, to benefit the members of our community.

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