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For The North

by: Francis Norrie
City: Toronto, Ontraio

Project Type

Sports & Recreation

Number of beneficiaries


Project Description

Down in the don valley ravine system up in North York there are a nice open field were most extravagant bikers go to do some hardcore jumping. Over the years these ramps have got broken or re-built or moved or changed . Making it dangerous for experienced bikers and frustrating older and more experience bike riders. What I want to do is built a course! A Sweet awesome set of jumps for the community to enjoy. I can say everyone will enjoy this because it will be a set of jump perfectly built for the riders experiences. I will get a team together to design the most affordable and appropriate track for riders of all ages and all skill levels. I will make it safe and practical but also giving riders the options to test there fears and go bigger. I want to built some heavy kickers for we can start shooting sweet videos down there and getting some of these kids sponsored Also guys who race rc cars can go there to use the track also to race Rc cars.

How would $50,000 benefit the project

If i get funded i will be able to make this happen 100% If i have to go down there with my blueprint, bucket and a shovel I will. I will be able to afford a team to design a track I can afford to make a first aid station I can afford the permits needed I can afford the materials and machinery needed All the money will go into this project . Even if it goes beyond the funding and come out of my own pocket It will.

About the Community

This spot is A VERY SPECIAL PLACE! Sense I was a young boy riding my bike I would go up to the Jumps as we call it, and ride my heart out. Meeting new people there who would ride with me or just watch me ride. It makes you feel like a super human when you accomplish your first jump and every bigger one after that. I was un fortunate and could never afford good bikes but i never stopped trying. I would find any piece i could and replace them on my bike to make it better. In any ways i could. I found that i make some of my closet friend riding those woods and some of my best memories in life. Some of my greatest accomplishments and disasters. I can truly say i would not be who i am today if it was not for these ramps. They were my home away from home. I just want to be able to share that feeling with people.

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