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Outdoor fitness park

by: Bruce Turnbull
City: North Vancouver, British Columbia

Project Type

Sports & Recreation

Number of beneficiaries


Project Description

There are lots of projects where $50,000 would not go very far but $50,000 could fund two or more of what I'll call adult playgrounds. Obviously, most playgrounds are designed and intended for children and they don't work for teens and or adults. I'd like to see such a playground in our neighbourhood. It would incorporate many of the typical playground features such as a sand or recycled rubber base and host a variety of equipment such as chin bars, parallel bars, plyometric steps, rope wall and possibly some parkour elements. with the growth of crossfit, bootcamps, parkour and bodyweight exercise, I think this would not only fill what I see as a major gap in our local parks and recreation, but provide an environment more conducive to social interaction than trail running or bicycling both of which I do too and are very popular in our neighbourhood but not for everybody. It could also augment other fitness regimens nicely as well as providing an exercise venue for those who cannot afford bikes or gym memberships or who simply prefer to getting their exercise outdoors. Because the design is simple and basically materials, I'm sure that it could be built by volunteer labour under the direction of our local district as many similar projects are built these days. Besides, who as a kid didn't love playing on the monkey bars back before it was called exercise ?

How would $50,000 benefit the project

The funds would kickstart such a project without having to compete with other interests. There's already lots of school and public playgrounds and this sort of thing will always give way to the interests of the children where considerable tax dollars are already spent. All that would be needed is a small corner of parkspace, and unlike funding a short-lived program such as yoga in the park , this project would have significant longevity and continue giving back to the community without a lot of ongoing expense. Hopefully, it would serve as model for others to follow.

About the Community

Ours is a community surrounded by ocean, rivers and mountains. It is a community of outdoor lovers and fitness enthusiasts. It comprises a mix of young and more established residents. The older generation is probably fitter and more active than most other areas. It is however, relatively expensive to live here not leaving a lot of disposable income for things like gym memberships. I think my project would fit well with the nature and ambience of our community.

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