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Healing Centre for Youth

by: Tania VanNorman
City: Webbwood, On

Project Type

Health & Wellness

Number of beneficiaries


Project Description

22 yrs ago I was hit head on by a drunk driver after 4 yrs of college and graduate of a paramedic and practical nursing diplomas. I received a quarter of a million dollars. I started my children's charity for sexually abused children and adults who were abused as children. 15 yrs later, my dream is a healing centre. To bring victims and community members together to heal together. I've learned that loveheals. My healing centre would employ youth, offer coop placements for youth, and volunteer opportunities for people helping people. We could rent the facility purchase created beds, vibrio plates, infrared saunas, and massage chairs. Get a few people trained to do scalp massages. Have Chaga tea, oxygenated water, super foods to help people heal emotionally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. People helping people

How would $50,000 benefit the project

We could use the money to purchase the equipment, rent the space for a yr, and purchase healing products food, Chaga, to pay utilities for a yr. we could do fundraisers to pay for the next yr and any repairs. Can you imagine a place that brings people from every age, ethnic background, and socioeconomic level of society healing together. Encouraging our youth to build up their bodies as opposed to destroying themselves and each other. Anti bullying, anti violence, boredom, and lack of self worth turned around. Negative energy to endless amounts of positive energy. This is my dream

About the Community

My community is like every other community out there. My community is unique cause I live here and my dream can be used as a model for all communities. A concept that can spread like wild fire to change the world. People helping people with love. Compassion. Hurt people want to hurt people. We can change our community, families, and individuals into people becoming driven for perpetual success. Changing the world with endless acts of compassion

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