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by: Kathy Lawrence
City: Huron Park, ont

Project Type

Sports & Recreation

Number of beneficiaries


Project Description

hi there, We live in a once Government owned community ODC Ontario development Corp, ( Huron Park ) but now it's privately owned (Huron Village Green) and they have spent money on fixing up the 300 plus family homes with new windows siding refurbishing the inside of some homes etc here but their funding are limited, There used to be a school here years ago Mc Curdy Public school ..with play ground for the kids but when some of the schools closed in Ontario ..the school here closed and all the equipment was removed. there are so many children in this community with nothing to do... no swings no monkey bars splash pad or even a pavilion for the families to have birthday parties or family events ... I am a Lions member and we have been trying to raise funds for this community for the last 2 years we have managed to put in one small playground play equipment for the smaller children 3 to 6 but there is nothing for the older children.. we could really use 50 000.00 to get our project Community off the ground, So the children here have a place to play get them active outside .. and enjoy their childhood, with fun memories, we're still trying to raise funds with BBqs and haunted house etc ... but were no where close to the money we need to get the playground equipment we need ... so please I truly hope you think of us for this ...

How would $50,000 benefit the project

funds to purchase play ground equipment, materials, have it installed with the proper footing materials, picnic tables for people to sit at in a park like setting as well so the older folks have a place to enjoy as they watch their grand children play ..funds would all go towards playground equipment once we have the playground in we'll start trying to get funding for building a pavilion and hopefully in the future have a total community area for everyone to enjoy! this will get families out more families will be spending more time with their children, some families don't drive, and can't get to another park, so they will have this availability in their own neighborhood. seniors

About the Community

Good people, friendly people, just trying to start out, retire, or just live life ..everyone knows everyone, help each other out when weather is bad ... type of neighbors that shovel a driveway for someone else or an older person and look out for each other, do you need anything from town etc.. just trying to make it a place to call HOME! the children will have things to do, it'll not only keep them active, they'll also interact with other children and enjoy playing outside and being social trying to better a community for all involved!

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