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Food Bank - New Minas, Nova Scotia

City: new minas, nova scotia

Project Type

Social Services

Number of beneficiaries


Project Description

Food Banks in Nova Scotia have reach an all time low. All communities have been struggling to supply enough food for the hundreds of citizens who use the food bank on a regular basis. New Minas is home to Easyhome store 914. The staff here would love to be able to assist the community with this wonderful opportunity to possibly be awarded the $50,000 to fill the food bank. Our family and friends rely on this service to get by. Not only can the food bank use food, they can also use help with the building which houses the food bank. However mainly right now the 1 priority is filling the food bank with a variety of goods for the local families.

How would $50,000 benefit the project

The $50,000 would be used to fill the food banks in our local area with non-perishable food to help the families in need. $50,000 could go a long way to help the New Minas and area food banks. Non-perishable food items are needed to help families who are not able to afford food to support their children and entire family. There are hundreds of people who rely on the food banks to provide for their families every month. Locally fruits and vegetables can be grown but here are many items which the food bank still needs. Such as pasts, baking ingredients, snack foods for children, diapers and toiletries for the entire family.

About the Community

New Minas was founded in 1682 by Acadians from the Grand Pré area, the largest of the settlements known as Les Mines or Minas after the French copper mines explored at Cape d'Or at the entrance to the Minas Basin in the 1600s. New Minas is predominantly a farming and agriculture community between the towns of Kentville and Wolfville. New Minas is currently home to over 5000 people. Hundreds of which reply on the food bank weekly to help their family get the with items which can not be grown locally. New Minas is A good place to live as per the slogan. There is a great sense of community here. New Minas is also 'Soccer Capital of Atlantic Canada', boasting arguably the nicest soccer venues in the Annapolis Valley.

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