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Makeover for Murphy

Smiths Falls is in the heart of the Rideau Canal which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site [...]

by: Adam Gariepy
City: Smiths Falls, Ontario

Making Hub House Happen!

Truro Nova Scotia is a vibrant town in the middle of the province, earning it the nickname of [...]

by: Philip Quigley
City: Truro, Nova Scotia

Brighter Futures for Everyone!!!

My project is Brighter Futures. Brighter Futures consists of various different programs that [...]

by: Nicole Morris
City: Mount Pearl, NL

Parkridge Centre Therapy Pool

Parkridge Centre (PRC) strives to provide quality care to over 200 residents, with a focus on [...]

by: Kim Taylor
City: Saskatoon, SK

Green Eye Incubator Project

Food bank usage is on the rise across Canada and the solution is not to erect more food banks [...]

by: Teri McMackin
City: Petitcodiac, New Brunswick


Food4Kids provides packages of healthy food for kids aged 5-14 years with limited or no access [...]

by: Eshan Bellana
City: Brampton, ON

Callaghan Community Playground

We’re Building A Playground! Southwest Edmonton’s a new part of town,Gather [...]

by: Anne Fath
City: Edmonton, Alberta

Durham Caribbean Festival

This festival engages the entire community. Ajax Ontario has the highest population of black [...]

by: Mary Galvan
City: Toronto, ON

City Wide Stop The Violence Walk & Talk's

We are looking to create an sustainable community initiative that will focus on preventing [...]

by: Dewitt Lee
City: Toronto, Ontario

Bridging the Gap For Health and Fitness

The Corduroy Brook Nature Trail System encompasses approximately 17 kilometres of walking and [...]

by: Todd Mercer
City: Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

Food Bank - New Minas, Nova Scotia

Food Banks in Nova Scotia have reach an all time low. All communities have been struggling to [...]

City: new minas, nova scotia

A Place to Play - Betty Gibson Community Play Structure

Our school, Betty Gibson Elementary School, is in dire need of a new play structure. The one [...]

by: Stephen Reid
City: Brandon , Mb

S.O.U.P. (Support Outreach Uniting People)

When my husband, Tim, and I moved back to Digby, my hometown, to live with my elderly parents, [...]

by: Julie Long
City: Digby County, Nova Scotia

Creating an Arts Hub in Dartmouth, NS

Dartmouth's Main Street is currently undergoing a transformation. As the Main Street [...]

by: Graziella Grbac
City: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


The Town of Truro, along with the Downtown Truro Partnership, has been working on a conceptual [...]

by: Amy Wright
City: Truro , NS

Basement / Transportation Formation

I work at The Volunteer Centre's Emergency Food Bank In St Stephen, NB. I am proposing a [...]

by: Patty Keenan
City: Heathland, New Brunswick (NB)

Don Mills Resource Facility Place for laid-off employee

Have you ever been laid off? Do you know what to do? A free resource place is like your [...]

by: Marieana Lee
City: Don Mills, Ontario

Bring Our Church and Grave Site Happiness

We live in a community of 500 people or so, we have a community center, church and grave site [...]

by: Jamie Penman
City: St Ambroise , Manitoba

The MacNab/Fessenden Green Space Renewal Initiative.

The MacNab/Fessenden Community Renewal Project is a community-based proposal for a [...]

by: Kevin Gonci
City: Hamilton, Ontario

Grassroots Kind Hearts Society...WE BELIEVE

We are Grassroots Kind Hearts Society. We have been serving those that live on the streets in [...]

by: Diane Palmer
City: Campbell River, BC

Fundraiser for a swimming pool

I have been fundraising for a swimming pool for our community or close to a thousand people. [...]

by: Stephanie Nakoolak
City: Coral Harbour, Nunavut

Sarnia Lambton Indoor Tennis Facility

My name is Krista Mueller and my son, Matt would like to tell you about his fundraising [...]

by: Krista Mueller
City: Petrolia, ON

Marching for Veterans Campaign/Huntsville

Marching for Veterans Campaign has been in place for two years now. Our main purpose is to [...]

by: Richard Thomas
City: Huntsville, On.

Living Well with Mental Illness & Addictions Conference

For the last decade, the Family Working Group (group of individuals who have a family member [...]

by: Janelle AuCoin
City: Sydney, Nova Scotia

The Humanity Project

Our great volunteers feed approximately 150 people in our community daily. We serve healthy [...]

by: Shelley Butler
City: Riverview, NB

Playground Island View School & Community

After eighteen years both play structures at Island View need to be fully replaced including [...]

by: Gail Bremner
City: Saint John, NB


hi there, We live in a once Government owned community ODC Ontario development Corp, ( Huron [...]

by: Kathy Lawrence
City: Huron Park, ont

F5 Fitness centre

In the small community of Elie Manitoba we would like to establish a 24/7 fitness facility. An [...]

by: Estelle Thornson
City: Starbuck, MB

All access baseball for our wonderful players

Peterborough Challenger Baseball provides a formalized opportunity for special needs children [...]

by: Peterborough Challenger Baseball
City: Peterborough , Ontario

Freedom Project

My project is more of an initiative than an actual physical project where instead of focusing [...]

City: Mississauga, Ontario

Inspired Youth School Project

Inspired Youth School Project educates youth in schools on Emotional Intelligence, [...]

by: Meagan Fettes
City: Calgary, Alberta

All Kids Matter - No matter how they are abled!

In March 2015, my friend Sharon and I started the ADHD Avalon Parent Support Group. There are [...]

by: Cindy Head
City: Mount Pearl, NL

Wild Animal Support & Control

In my community there is a small drain water pond. This pond has become home to many wild [...]

by: Sarah Wilson
City: Toronto, Ontario

Adam Piercey Memorial Skate Park

Adam Piercey was a youth in our community of Stephenville, NL that organized and helped build [...]

by: Genny Duffenais
City: Stephenville , NL

Child fun zone

i am the coordinator for the Irishtown Community Centre and I would love to build a new soccer [...]

by: Krista Sherwood
City: Moncton , NB

Feel free to be as creatives as you

Make improvements to existing baseball diamond at Parkdale Baseball field.

by: Ben Vanderkooi
City: Belleville , Ontario

Places for Kids to Play

I'd like to utilize an area in our community to give kids a place to play, swim or [...]

by: angela eagle
City: Toronto, on

Summer Fun for Kids

Our community in Courtland is growing , we have a park but the community and all the kids in [...]

by: Lisa McLain
City: Courtland, Ontario

Help Stop Vandalism

My community in the recent months has been vandalized and many businesses are repairing broken [...]

by: Lesley Davis
City: Hagersville, Ontario

Healing Centre for Youth

22 yrs ago I was hit head on by a drunk driver after 4 yrs of college and graduate of a [...]

by: Tania VanNorman
City: Webbwood, On

ICDC-GENIUS CANADA proposes Toronto-Plus Genius Guild.

TOMIBRA stands for Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton community while the unmentioned areas [...]

by: Simon Peter Kasirye Kabala
City: Toronto, Ontario

Splash Pad

We live in a wonderful community named Freelton, that has a wonderful park for the kids to [...]

by: heather wesley
City: Freelton, Ontario

Helping Autism spectrum disorder people have a place

I think since this is a new Autism they should have a place to go to be with other people like [...]

by: stephanie Jack
City: St John's, NL

Stop the cycle, It's time to end homelessness.

I want to work with community groups in Grande Prairie to make a housing facility for our [...]

by: Reagan Johnston
City: Grande Prairie, AB - Alberta

Outdoor fitness park

There are lots of projects where $50,000 would not go very far but $50,000 could fund two or [...]

by: Bruce Turnbull
City: North Vancouver, British Columbia

A New Park For New Commers

I want to build a new park, Right behind my building where there is an old park residing. This [...]

by: Francis Norrie
City: Toronto , Ontraio

For The North

Down in the don valley ravine system up in North York there are a nice open field were most [...]

by: Francis Norrie
City: Toronto, Ontraio

New Park for Kids

We need a fun park for your kids to play at,and with a skate park water park all in one we [...]

by: kyle fontaine
City: Turnor Lake, Saskatchewan

Help the Kids

The area I live in is close to the Waterloo tease arch park and conservation Laural creek I [...]

by: Jamie Theodosiou
City: Waterloo, Ontario

Granton Skate Park and Playground for kids of all ages!

The playground equipment for the younger children needs a update and a pick me up, but also a [...]

by: Kim Patterson
City: Lucan, Ontario

Project PUP (pets under protection)

I always took notice that when we wanted to go the animal shelter to visit them we were having [...]

by: Karli Sevenpifer
City: Port Colborne, Ontario

There is Always Time for Play, but Not Always Money

Central Public School has a yard with equipment that is utilized by the community at large. [...]

by: Kimberly DeLenardo-Comish
City: Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Life Necessities - Summer Fundraiser

My name is Jennifer and I am Team Leader and Founder of Summer Fundraiser. This year our focus [...]

by: Jennifer Whitehead
City: London , Ontario

Sienna Project

Rygiel Supports for Community Living has been serving the Hamilton Community for almost 50 [...]

by: Viola Galamini
City: Hamilton, ON

Homelessness Prevention

You see them on the street. Holding a cardboard sign. Asking for help. You feel powerless. [...]

by: David Harvey
City: Gananoque, ON

Hang it and Bang it Indoor baseball practice

Project will serve kids involved in most sports. Could double as indoor golf practice [...]

by: Ryan Smith
City: Woodstock, ON

Community Rec-Centre Revamp

community indoor ice rink and recreation center; lytton community ice rink and community [...]

by: michael jumbo
City: lytton, British Columbia


Olds is a small town, and on a hot day there are only so many things that can be done; our [...]

by: Bre-Anne Davidson
City: Olds, Alberta

Moss Park Apartments Community Garden and Water Park

The community of Moss Park desperately needs a remodelled outdoor space and more importantly, [...]

by: Danielle Unsworth
City: Toronto, Ontario

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